Take control of your cryptocurrency investments and empower yourself
with the most advanced and powerful cryptocurrency market tool with unique features


Cryptocurrencies data table.


Single cryptocurrency profile, charts, tickers and historical data.


Exchanges data table.


Single exchange profile, volume chart and tickers.


Futures and perpetual contracts data table.

Finance Platforms:

Investment platforms.

Finance Products:

Investment products data table.


Information related to your website/company.

Advantages of Crypto Currency Markets Single Page

  • Simple configuration stored in PHP variables and grouped in separated files.
  • No server-side dependencies, which makes the code structure very clear and portable.
  • No database, saving database usage limits on shared hosting providers

  • Integrated dev tools are provided to make app changes easy.
  • Also environment switch between development to production is seamless.
  • No sync process, cron jobs are not necessary since data is requested directly from CoinGecko API.
  • Up-to-date, with regular updates with vendors latest releases.

Crypto currency Market Demo

Curious how our crypto system can help? Watch our product demo to see how Emanate helps you:

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  • Password: Emanateedge