Lead Management Overview

Lead manager module allowing various calling methods to connect with the Perfex core leads using latest tools. Unlike manual calling and storing data, this module helps to keep information in a better way for communication hence it will help to convert leads in a more efficient way.

Only one account will be needed to manage all staff calls along with call permission management for individual staff to avoid unnecessary calls.

  • Smart web forms for lead generation

  • From leads to happy, engaged customers

  • Video call via zoom ,Call via twilio and its recording ,Sms. Bulk Sms.
  • Notification for missed, busy, no anaswer calls,
  • Soft Phone on full CRM.
  • One twilio account used Globally for all staff . Staff Permission for lead manager

  • Call Mute functionality, Add/update Remarks, View Remarks
  • Re-direction from lead manager to leads
  • Activity log for call,sms, recording
  • Dashboard and View all video call Appointments

  • Incoming/outgoing seprate call duration in activity log
  • Incoming/outgoing seprate staff duration in dashboard
  • Twilio account balance on Dashboard
  • Total twilio incoming numbers on Dashboard

Lead Management Demo

Curious how our Lead Management system can help? Watch our product demo to see how Emanate helps you: