Emanate Cloud provides Seamless collaboration

The core strength of Emanate cloud is its ability to enhance team productivity on the go with an easy user interface on mobile, web and desktop and powerful integrated document collaboration and communication capabilities.

Real-time notifications of shares or comments on mobile devices, built-in collaborative editing of Microsoft Office compatible files, seamless transition to chat and audio/video calls and a wide variety of productivity tools to handle mail, appointments, tasks and more are available in cloud.

  • Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks

  • As fully on-premises solution, emanate cloud provides the benefits of online collaboration without the compliance and security risks


Emanate cloud Files, your employees have easy access to their files, photos and documents to work and can share and collaborate with team members, customers and partners


Easy Access Anywhere

A modern and easy-to-use web interface, desktop clients and mobile apps.

Real-time collaboration and instant access to all data from any device, anywhere!


Ultimate Security

Powerful encryption capabilities and a built-in rule-based File Access Control.

Complemented by strong password policies, brute-force protection, ransomware protection and more


Deep Integration

Access data from FTP, Windows Network Drive, SharePoint, NFS, Object storage, ...

Simple configuration and integration lower costs and decrease risk while leveraging existing IT investments.

Business Cloud file sharing software that your teams will love using.

Emanate Cloud is committed to provide technology that is a perfect fit for your organization!

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Emanate cloud Demo

Curious how our Emanate cloud can help your business? Watch our product demo to see how Emanate helps you:

  • Username : Admin
  • Password: Emanateedge